My Top 10 Tips to Style Your Best Life

Yesterday I did a talk about Health & Wellbeing to a group of school mums at a beautiful school in Cobham, Surrey. They were having a fundraiser afternoon tea with cake and fizz and wanted a guest speaker to talk to them about putting themselves first.

My advice to them was to take radical responsibility for their health & wellbeing by Styling their Best Lives (of course) and focussing on the following:

Self Image - this defines who you are to yourself and the world

Self Care - the level of self respect/self love you have for yourself!

Self Discipline - sadly we can’t just eat cake and drink fizz all day everyday but we definitely can enjoy the finer things in life when we create balance

Here are my Top 10 Tips for living your best life:

  1. Create your vision of your best life and de-clutter your life accordingly of anything that doesn’t fit with this. If we don’t have a vision of our future, how are we expected to work towards it?

  2. Slow down……..breathe……create rituals within your day……be mindful

  3. Nourish your body & your mind through quality, wholesome foods and get rid of toxins

  4. Move your body everyday; walk/run outdoors even if only for 10 mins or dance around the kitchen, whatever floats your boat. Don’t make it hard or put pressure on yourself. Create achievable goals and always stretch (note to self)!

  5. GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE - this is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there!

  6. Reach out when you need help, you are never alone and your struggles are relevant

  7. Be grateful for everything that you have and everything that is coming to you

  8. Believe in yourself….this is a tough one and probably requires the most work but doing all of the other things on this list will create more confidence and self belief

  9. Remember that small changes equate to big leaps…it’s the domino effect!

  10. GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO BE HAPPY - we haven’t been put on this earth to struggle, we are here to thrive, enjoy your life x

Sarah Miller