The gift of human touch when it comes to self care

So this morning I was gifted a beautiful facial from the wonderful Siobhan @Pristineskincare using Babor products.

It was literally a little slice of heaven…I can’t explain how nourishing it was to be slathered with beautiful smelling creams that immediately set to work to improve the appearance of my skin which is something that I am becoming increasingly aware of aged 42…single…two kids..aghh I shall stop there!

Having someone who clearly knew what they were doing cleansing and massaging my face, neck décolletage, arms and hands was just an incredible sensory experience with a scented candle flickering, relaxing music playing and with a warm and cosy towel cocooning me. For that hour in time I surrendered to life and enjoyed the blissful state that I was in. Being touched by another human being to nurture my body was just a truly wonderful experience, it was only when she massaged my eyebrows that I got the giggles.

Seriously though, taking care of ourselves is so incredibly important as we acquire a few more years. We need to support our bodies and minds more to keep the oxygen flowing to the right places in order to stay happy and glowing and full of the joys of life. Self care is a seriously important part of this and as a nation we need to start recognising the value of this.

As a single mum I don’t have many people touching me (how weird does that sound!!!) other than my two little girls so I don’t experience a tender touch as often as I would like (this is getting worse) but all I can say is that it is something that I am going to build into my life more.

In my alternative reality (which I am currently working towards) I have a regular facial and a massage (amongst other things) once a month as part of my skincare/self care routine. How indulgent and vain and spoilt do I sound?! Well let me tell you this, I DO NOT CARE! I value myself and my health enough to know that I would rather prioritise nurturing myself over going to the pub to get drunk (how times have changed!) and I understand the value to myself. It is another way of expressing self love and self respect and I’m sure that that might sound like gobblededgoop to a lot of you but you’re just jealous!!! I know because I used to be that person who judged someone who took care of vain! But they are the ones who are winning.

Nurture yourselves through self care ladies, it may seem indulgent but the benefit to your health and mindset is quite extraordinary. It helps you to show up at your very best and when you do that, you start living your best life.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this one.

Sarah x

PS I know that not all of our financial situations can extend to these high levels of self care…mine certainly didn’t for a long time and it is only since I have focussed on my health & wellbeing and literally styled my best life that I am able to start enjoying them again because I have made a conscious effort to have them as part of the infrastructure of my life.

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