S A R A H - M I L L E R

Conscious Life Stylist & Business Coach


I empower inspired women to live their dreams & create abundance simply by harnessing their authenticity & energy



What's your vision of your future? Do you even have one?

I believe that we all deserve to live an incredible life of true happiness, peace & fulfilment (and that includes financial abundance)!

I also know that to be able to live that life we need to make a choice to do it, we need to turn our backs on our self imposed limitations.  We need to be 100% intentional about it and we need to put a lot (and I mean A LOT) of energy into discovering what it is that we really, REALLY want from life. 


Imagine being the person that you desire to be at your core?

Imagine turning your life around from struggle and strain to joy and lightness? 

Imagine doing the things that you love & not only earning plenty of money but also making your mark on the world?  


You can be that person, you just need to start believing in yourself when all others around you are doubting you.


I work with women who are inspired to live a better life that is aligned with their soul.

I believe in them so passionately that they cannot fail to follow suit and I encourage them to be 100% themselves because that is where their greatness lies.

I have been you & I have worked my way out and I believe so vehemently in the power of intention that I want to be able to offer you the same gift.

If this resonates with you and you can feel the flicker of a flame in your belly then get in touch to arrange a powerful coaching session.

I look forward to hearing from you.




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Hi I'm Sarah!

I'm a mum to two gorgeous little girls and we have a super busy life trying to have it all!

I have spent the last couple of years 'Styling my Best Life' after I got divorced. A mixture of stress, anxiety, depression, chronic illnesses & a feeling of complete hopelessness led me on a huge journey of personal growth and what really resonated with me was the importance of self image and intentional living and what a huge factor they play in leading a purposeful, happy life - my ultimate goal!

A hippie at heart (albeit a sophisticated one!), I wanted to be able to live an amazing life full of joy, adventure & travel and look & feel great without feeling guilty for pursuing the things that made me happy and having the money to do those things without turning to work that didn't fulfil me.  My family & friends told me that I SHOULD be doing whatever it took to earn money to provide for my children, even if it meant doing things that I didn't enjoy and giving up all of the things that I did enjoy.  It always felt like I couldn't have it all and the more I did what I SHOULD and sidelined the things that I loved; the worse I felt; until I finally broke my mind, body & spirit.

As a single mum there really was no time to give up so I chose life.  I chose to believe that I could make a change.  I could always see so much potential in others but yet I could never see the potential in myself.  So I chose to invest in myself.  I chose to invest in my health & my lifestyle so that I was showing up at my best and when I started to really commit to this it all became clear.  I wanted to be able to live an amazing life and inspire & coach others to do the same because if I could do it with all of the brick walls that I have come up against then anyone can do it if they have the determination, drive and a belief that there is a better way.

I am now living a life that I love and I am no longer boxed in and simply surviving. I am thriving and life has become an adventure that I want to be a part of again.

Get in touch if you would like to arrange a complimentary, powerful, transformative, 1.5 hour coaching session so that you can experience the potential that you have hidden within yourself.



My credentials:

  • BA Hons degree in Business Studies from UWE (dissertation written on the power of branding)
  • 15 years marketing career in top London Agencies working with high profile clients to include: Tropicana, Walkers, Nokia & SpaceNK
  • Digital Mums Social Media Management Course – Accreditation May 2018
  • Personal Branding Consultant - ongoing
  • Diploma in Interior Design – Interior Design Institute
  • Graphic Design Course - Bucketlist Bombshells
  • Reinvent your Self Image course - Krishanti Wahla
  • Protect yourself from Control Dramas course - Dr. Jody Janati
  • Attracting Genuine Abundance - Gay Hendricks
  • A Year to Clear What is Holding you Back - Stephanie Bennett Vogt
  • A year travelling the world experiencing different cultures and seeing the most amazing sights!
  • Marriage counselling, personal counselling, CBT for PTSD following a serious road accident & every other holistic therapy you can think of!


My key reading list:

  • The Big Leap - Gay Hendricks
  • The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle
  • The Road Less Travelled - M Scott Peck
  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying - Marie Kon
  • Zero Waste Home - Bea Johnson
  • Designing your Life - Bill Burnett & Dave Evans
  • Thrive - Ariana Huffington 
  • The One Thing - Gary Keller
  • Busy - Tony Crabbe
  • 24 Assets - Daniel Priestley
  • The Prosperous Coach - Rich Litvin, Steve Chandler
  • The Desire Map Experience: A guide to goals with soul - Danielle LaPorte
  • The Tools - Phil Stutz and Barry Michels
  • Operation Happiness - Kristi Ling
  • I Love your Style: How to Define & Refine your Personal  Style - Amanda Brooks